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Holiday Apartments

We have a specialist contents insurance for expats with apartments up to 3 bedrooms - fixed price, no small print, easy to understand and easy to arrange!

  • Studio/1 bed €80 p.a. with €10,000 of cover
  • 2 bed €100 p.a. with €15,000 of contents cover
  • 3 bed €130 p.a. with €20,000 of contents cover

All polices have €1,000,000 of public liability cover and up to €2,500 towards repairs to building in the event of a break in or malicious damage to your property.

We guarantee your security and peace of mind by using only the foremost companies available, companies like Ibex. For more information or to arrange this cover click here.

Whilst these policies apply to personal use only if you require cover for other tenants we can offer exceptional rates starting from only €120 p.a. which includes contents and public liability - contact Lee for details!


Standard Cover Limit
Fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, smoke 100%
Acts of vandalism and malicious damage 100%
Escape of water or oil from interior tanks, pipes, etc. 100%
Storm, tempest, and flood (exc. Consorcio cover) 100%
Theft or attempted theft by forcible and violent entry including:
  damage to doors (max limit €1000)
  entertainment equipment (overall limit 25% of contents sum insured. Single article limit 5%)
Collision impact and aircraft 100%
Accidental breakage of glass and sanitary fixtures 100%
Temporary accommodation 20%
Replacement locks €500
Emergency access €500
Electrical power surges. Single article limit 5% €2000
Third party liability - occupiers and personal €1m
Golf Equipment €1000